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Saves Gas

Saves gas by accurately setting how high or how long you want your heating for.

More Control

Control your heating from anywhere in the world from your phone, you can also check to see how hot it is in your caravan.

Price includes Install

The price you see is the price you pay, Nothing more to add. This includes installtion to 1 mobile device


Once installed, just sit back and enjoy your life, know full well you have complete control over your caravans heating.

Control your Heating, Save Money and Gas, with our WiFi Thermostats in your Caravan or Lodge.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to connect your Android or Iphone to your new Wifi Thermostat.

Control your heating via your phone, Have more control over the temperature, and even turn on your thermostat to heat your caravan before you get there. Frost Setting ensures your boiler kicks in when the temperature falls below 5 degrees celsius.
Brilliant for when you rent your caravan out, you can check, switch off or control the settings, without even being there.

Installation usually takes a couple of hours or less and is fully included in the price.

Wifi Thermostat's that we fit
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In Stock

Standard Wifi Thermostat


Includes connection to 1 mobile device.
This is our most Popular Thermostat.
Weekend Installs, Price includes installation and connected to your Phone.

Weekend Install

Digital Thermostat/Programmer Non Wifi.


For people that want a Thermostat fitted and to be able to save on their gas useage who don't have internet.

Available to Order

Stand alone Wifi Thermostat


Control your heating from room to room, Connection to Boiler Transmitter, Price includes installation
Connection to phone included

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Get your Wifi Thermostat Fitted ASAP!

Have better control of your Heating and save Gas and Money by accurately controlling your heating.

  • Turn on your Heating before you get to your Caravan.
  • Set it on the Frost Setting 5 Degrees when you go home.
  • Stops inside of caravan from freezing.
  • Turn off the heating on Rental Caravans from your home, when people leave.
  • Use your Thermostat as a Digital Programmer, Set times for heating to come on and off.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home.
  • Built in child lock.
  • No More Musty Smells, Condensation or dampness

Wifi Thermostat's
Frequently asked questions…

  • I use an iphone, will the Wifi app work?

    There are two types of apps and both work with the Android phones as well as Iphones, You will be able to

    • Set up a program of timed events
    • Set up Frost protection
    • Turn on heating from your home
    • Check your heating anytime, anywhere in the world
    • Control the amount of Gas you use
    • And much more...

  • I keep getting errors or app won't load

    If your app won't load or you get errors its normally because you have more than one app running, simply list your tabs and delete them all you can then log into your app.

  • Connect to your caravans Wifi

    Once installed you can connect to your caravans Wifi, This could be a wifi service provided by the park or your own Wifi, via a Router or Dongle. However all our thermostats work on a 2.4g service and not 5g, so please find this out before ordering.

    • You must be able to connect to a 2.4g Wifi services
    • Make sure your Boiler is accessable
    • Thermostats will be Surface mounted, due to the thin size of the walls
    • Conduit supplied as needed
    • Installed to your phone

    On the odd occassion that the owner is not present, we will leave full instaructions on how to connect up to your phone, the Thermostat will however be fully working after the install and can be operated manually.
    If you want us to come back to install your mobile there is a minimum charge of £25, which you can book on the website.

  • I want to to stop the inside of my caravan freezing, what do i do?

    When you're not there, you can set the frost setting of 5 degrees, and this will only come on if the temperature inside your Caravan falls below 5 degrees, It will usually heat upto this or a bit beyond to ensure you won't get any internal frozen pipes, showers or bursts

    • Set your temperature to 5 degrees when you leave or ..
    • Do it from the app anywhere in the world where you have a wifi connection
  • Not sure of my Password or Wifi Name, What can i do?

    The Installer will install your Wifi Thermostat to your boiler and on a spot agreed with you. If you are not sure of the password or wifi name thenwe will atempt 3 installs with the information you give to us, Failing this you will need to find out what your wifi login details are to eable the Thermostat to work over WiFi.

    • 3 Attemps to connect up to your Router
    • Full connection details to be left with you to enable yourself to connect up once you have the correct details
    • If you want us to come back to you there is a £25 charge for an hour
  • What if i'm not present, can you install if i give you my keysafe code?

    Absolutely, we often install for owners who are not present and for doing this service you do need to pay in advance. We obviouly would not be able to connect to your phone but full instuctions will be left for you to install the mobile yourself. If we need to come back, there will be a £25 charge to connect your phone if you are not able to do it.

  • How do you accept payment?

    From 2023, we can accept the following payment.

    Payment is usually completed when booked online and guarantee's your date and time

    • Cash
    • Credit Debit Cards
    • Chip and Pin Pay with Installer
    • Bank Tranfer
    • Interest Free with Klarna (email us for a Payment Link)
    • All equipment and services belong to Caravan filters until paid for in full, We reserve the right to remove any installs or equipment not paid for as part of our accepted terms and conditions which you agree to when booking.
      We are not responsible for any holes or making good as a result ofa removal, you agree to this when you purchased.

  • If i order my Wifi Thermostat Could i have my Water Filter Tap installed at the same time?

    Yes, of Course you will need to book online at the same time and book a time for the install, Usually we have a 1 hour slot for water filter installs

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Recent Installs

Get in touch and book your install.

We have limited time at the weekends to install, so please book early and reserve your spot.

Install usual takes upto 2 hours and the person who needs to have this installed on their phones needs to be present.

You can Pay Via Cash, Credit or Debit Cards or bank Transfer when the job is complete.

(We work on a first come , first served basis, so order early.
Bookings need to be done via the booking site and this is guaranteed.)

You can call us on our Local number 01255 772480

You can Email us at info@caravanfilters.co.uk

You can drop us a message using the contact form on this page

Remember it is your responsability to ensure your wifi can Connect to the 2.4g wifi Thermostat, We are not responsible if your thermostat does not connect, we will try a maximum of 3 goes and either leave it with you as a manual thermostat or remove it completely. By ordering you have accepted our full tems and conditions.

All our prices on our range of WiFi Thermostats include full fitting and installation and any associated cabling, and fixings required - The price you see is the price you pay no extras.

Remember our new Url wifithermostat.co.uk

Can Smart Technology
Save you money ?

Everything you need to know about smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats are devices responsible for controlling a home’s heating. You can use an app (on your smart phone, desktop or tablet) to control your heating remotely. So if you go on holiday and forget to turn off your heating you can do so from wherever you are..

How smart thermostats can save you fuel and money

You can adjust their temperature setting, set timings and turn the heating on and off via an app on your phone or using Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant smart speakers. It is a lot easier to create a detailed schedule of when you want the heating to go on and off in an app than it is on the pokey display of a traditional timer but most smart models will also allow you to adjust their schedules directly on the thermostat’s screen..

What are smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats are a new trend that allow you to control your heating on the go from your phone, tablet or other device. They're touted as a great way to save cash, but they're not cheap – so whether one will save you money depends on how you use it and what type of home you have.