Wifi Water Stopcocks


Fully Installed

Imagine turning off your water stopcock with your phone.

Imagine having to climb under your caravan to keep turning the water Stopcock on and off every time you turn up to your caravan or when your Renters have left.
With our new addition to our WiFi family, you now be able to turn your water on or off from the comfort of your home.
Imagine not having to keep playing with your old manual stopcock every time you arrive, climbing under your caravan, which is harder if you have decking and skirting in the way.

Imagine your renters have left and rather than wasting hours driving down to the caravan you can simply turn the water off the day they leave.

Imagine we get a cold snap and its Minus 4 overnight what do you do? Drive for hours to get to your van and switch off the water or use your phone? All the power you need is a single socket with a USB socket or adapter.

With our WiFi Stopcocks you can easily turn off your water by using an app on your phone. There are some great other features, such as...

Smart valve is made of high-end SS304 (Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel) and Engineering Plastic( ABS), providing you and your family safe and secure water supply, and durable and reassuring protection of your cosy Caravan.

Connects to "Smart Life" group of apps so if you use smart life for your Thermostat your half way there with the app install.

Decide how much you want to open the valve like a stopcock you can open it more or less to regulate the pressure.

Compatable with Alexa, Google Home and Siri

App also lets you the local weather at your caravan and then you can decide to turn it off or not. Valve has a manual overide button for manual on and off in the event of a powercut.