Look after your Central Heating
with our Antifreeze and Inhibitor Top up

Stops Leaks

As Sentinel approved contractors we can cure your loss of pressure due to a weeping joint or rusty rad.


If your constantly topping up your boiler your diluting any antifreeze, We do Full system refills for £70.

Non Toxic Antifreeze/ Inhibitor Used

We care about the enviroment and we only use Caravan Grade antifree which is non toxic


Once installed, just sit back and enjoy your life, know full well you have solved your caravans heating problems.

A quick and easy guide to your Caravans central heating inhibitor.

If you've taken an extra interest in your caravans central heating system recently, then you definitely need to know about inhibitor. Keeping your caravans central heating system well-maintained and running smoothly is incredibly important and ensures that your caravan gets warm when you need it most.

Caravan central heating inhibitor helps to stop internal corrosion from occurring inside the different components inside your heating system. Without inhibitor, the water and metals inside your central heating system can react with one another causing rust and corrosion.

This corrosion is most often seen inside radiators, where tiny bits of rusty metal can break off and settle at the bottom of radiators. The resulting 'brown sludge' can cause your radiators to feel cold at the bottom and hot at the top.

As a consequence, your boiler and pump will have to work much harder to keep your caravan warm. This uses more energy which will result in higher gas usuage. It also shortens the life of your boiler and can eventually lead to an expensive breakdown (normally at the coldest time of year).

Adding chemical inhibitor to your heating system greatly helps to reduce this internal rusting and sludge from building up.

Book a re-fill and top up now.

This is not a complete sytem fill but a 1 litre top up to a system that already has Inhibitor or antifreeze. If you have drained down your Heating system and need to refill please contact us for a quote.
Weekends Top Up

Inhibitor Refill


This is a Refill of your central heatings inhibitor.
We check your caravans inhibitor levels with our test strips and then refill with a litre of inhibitor (upto 10 Rads)

Weekend Top Up

Non Toxic Antifreeze Top up.


If your test shows that you need a topup we will top up your system to the correct levels and recheck.
Sentinel Approved Contractor

Weekend Top Up

Central Heating Leak Sealer


If your boiler is losing pressure because of weeping joints or rusty rads, this Sealer will cure your minor leaks on your caravans heating.

Caravan Filters are Sentinel Trained and Approved!

Have better control of your Heating and save Gas and Money and not having expensive breakdowns.

  • Keeps your Boiler heathly 24/7.
  • Antifreeze protection during winter months.
  • Enhanced limescale and corrosion protection
  • Protects against limescale and corrosion.
  • Energy Saving Trust Recommended.
  • TripleTech™ Anti-Corrosion Technology.
  • Ensures optimum boiler efficiency
  • Helps prevent the formation of hydrogen gas

Central Heating Protection
Frequently asked questions…

  • How will i know if i have enough inhibitor in my system?

    We carry out a quick check to see how much you have in your heating water

    • The tests will tell how much inhibitor to use
    • You can be sure you'll have the correct amount
    • Contact us if you have none at all for a quote
    • Topups can be completed within the hour
    • No mess or need to drain heating
    • 1 Litre will do a system of upto 10 radiators .

  • Not sure if i have any antifreeze in my system

    If your not sure we can check for you and use our Inhibitor/Antifree solution to give you the best of both worlds.
    If you have no Antifreeze at all, we can add this for you for £75 (10 litres) and this will be enough for upto 8 radiators

  • My Caravans heating keeps losing pressure

    This is so commonon where no inhibitor is put back after draindown, If you have the following issues please get in touch.

    • Boiler losing pressure
    • Weep leaks on raidiators
    • Rusty towel rails in bathroom
    • Rusty radiators
    • leaking rad valves

    This product is ideal for sealing small leaks or weeping joints on all types of indirect caravan central heating systems.
    It is an easy-to-administer solution to the problem of weeping joints or pinhole leaks and it is compatible with other Sentinel products. Sentinel Leak Sealer will not cause blockages within the system.

  • I want to to stop the inside of my caravan freezing, what do i do?

    Take a look at our Wifi Thermostats. When you're not there, you can set the frost setting of 5 degrees, and this will only come on if the temperature inside your Caravan falls below 5 degrees, It will usually heat upto this or a bit beyond to ensure you won't get any internal frozen pipes, showers or bursts

    • Set your temperature to 5 degrees when you leave or ..
    • Do it from the app anywhere in the world where you have a wifi connection
  • Is the work messy do i need to drain down?

    The Installer will carry out the work with the minimum of fuss and with very little mess, There may be a bit of water from emptying the radiator but it will all be cleaned up afterwards.

  • I'm losing pressure so no point having antifreeze is there?

    What you need to do is to try our Leak sealing additive, this is left inside your system and it 24 hours should stop any small leaks or weeps and will contintue for as long as its in the system. After 24 hours you can add your antifreeze top up.

  • How do you accept payment?

    From 2023, we can accept the following payment.

    Payment is usually completed when booked online and guarantee's your date and time, However we can take the following...

    • Cash
    • Credit Debit Cards
    • Chip and Pin Pay with Installer
    • Bank Tranfer
    • Interest Free with Klarna (email us for a Payment Link)
    • You can pay and book online for a guaranteed start date, and time. All topups need to be paid for by booking online.
  • I've had my Central heating drained down by the park, how will i know if i've had inhibitor or antifreeze put in?

    Normally Central heating does not get drained down as it should have protection in the sytem already. if your not sure we can offer a check and let you know if you need a full system refill or just a top up. We strongly discourage draining down of Central Heating sytems, not sure why the Parks were offering this as part of their draindown service, it does more harm than good to your system and could damage the boiler permanately.

Get in touch and book your Check and Top Up.

We have limited time at the weekends to install, so please book early and reserve your spot.

Install usual takes upto 1 hour and this includes the addition of any additives.

Book and Pay online for guaranteed date and time.

We work on a first come , first served basis, so order early.
If you need more than a top up for your sytem we will tell you this when we confirm the levels in your sytem

You can call us on our Local number 01255 772480

You can Email us at info@caravanfilters.co.uk

You can drop us a message using the contact form on this page

Remember it is your responsability to ensure your Central Heating has enough inhibitor or antifreeze.

We cannot add any additive to a caravan that has a loss of pressure issue due to small weeps or leaks this will need to be cured first with our Stop Leak additive, This is dependant on the size of the leakage and takes 24 hrs to work.

If you have ordered the leak stop additive and your still losing pressure then its a more serious leak or issue with your boiler, you will need to get your heating engineer to check