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Caravan Filters Group

Qualified Surestop InstallerProfessional Ring Installer

Professionally Installed
Water Filtration System

Maxium Purity

With filters that last an average 6000 litres or 6 months.

Excess Cholorine Free

Remove Excess Cholorine and any bad tastes or odors.

1 Step Filtration

Easy to replace filter, we offer a 6 month subscription.

Healthy Water

For you and your Family, and a massive saving over bottled water.


We Always Want Safe and Healthy Water for a Healthy Life.

Caravan Filters Group are specialists in all types of water filtration, Locks, LED Lights, Heating & CCTV Security for Caravans, Lodges, and Homes. Collectively our staff have over 40 years experience in the Construction industry. Plus we only work with the very best suppliers, each of whom also brings a wealth of knowledge - in some cases acquired over generations - to any questions you may have.

Email us for a free water Test, Use the contact Us link in the menu above.

We can help you find your best solution to purifying your water into fresh, clear drinking water, on tap 24/7... in your Caravan, Lodge, Home, or Office. Reduce up to 99.8% of contaminants and additives you find in UK tap water - and even some bottled waters. We are proud to be working with Owners of Caravans and Lodges.

Also we can install your WiFi Thermostat to your Boiler and you'll be able to turn up the heating before getting to your caravan. Has Frost protection so you don't have to drain down as well as keeping more control on the gas you use.

Worried about your Caravan Security, Still have the original locks ? We can change these for High Security 10 year guarantee Yale locks

Protect Your Family with Best Water
Filtering System for your Caravan, Lodge or Home

Professional Installs

Full installation on our Filters, Thermostats and Locks included in price.

Filter Subscription

Forget having to replace your filter we can deliver and install a new filter every 6 months. Or we can post to you free of charge.

Caravan, Lodges and Homes

Where ever you want us to install we can do this for you, be it your caravan, lodge or home.

Save The Planet and Your Cash

With savings made possible by installing a Filter and thermostat you could see your bill drop rather than go up.

We Deliver and Install
No extra to pay.

Spread the cost of expensive items by using your KLARNA account, Pay over 3 months Free of any interest or Buy now and pay in 30 Days, the choice is yours. You will need to have a Klarna account or you can open a Klarna account Click Here
Weekend Install

Filtration Kit with Tap


Basic Tap, 6 month Filter and Full install.

Weekend Install

6 Month 1x Filter Change


6 Month 1x Filter Subscription, Installed or sent by post every 6 months.

Weekend Install

Deluxe Lever Tap

+ £15.00

Deluxe quarter turn ceramic disc tap. Buy this with the basic kit

Weekend Install

WiFi Central Heating Thermostat


Fully fitted and connected to your phone.

Weekend Install

Yale Security Door Lock


10 Year Guarantee with the best Security Lock you can have, Expertly fitted. Choose Brass or Chrome

Weekend Install

Wifi Thermostat & Internet


Wifi Dongle supplied with Thermostat - Fully installed to dongle and Phone, *Buy Back Promise on Dongle.*

Weekend Install

WiFi Stopcock


Control your water mains from anywhere in the world with your phone with online app. Control the amount of pressure and time. Ideal for turning off water when Renters leave - Fully Installed.
Needs a single electrical Socket

Weekend Install

Wifi Dongle with Data Sim


Wifi Dongle with Data Sim and £5 Free Data (when you top up £10)
For those of you with no Park internet. *Buy Back Promise on Dongle.*

Weekend Install

Surestop Water Switch


Turn off your water at a flick of a switch from inside your Caravan or Lodge. No need to go outside

Weekend Install

Digital Thermostat/Programmer Non Wifi.


For people that want a Thermostat fitted and to be able to save on their gas useage who don't have internet.

Weekend Install

Professional Locksmith Service


Lost Keys? Renters taken keys? Old Padlocks? Proof of ownership required & 2 Forms of ID one Photographic.
We also check with Park Holidays.
Price per Lock

Weekend Install

Wifi App Re-install


Reinstall your Wifi App to a New Phone.
Or second User.
This is for all our Wifi Equipment. Handy if you want a second user on your app.

Weekend Install



1 x Xega Smart wifi Solar Security Camera,2K Super HD PTZ CCTV Camera Wireless Surveillance Camera, Colour Night Vision PIR Human Detection Two-way Audio, Full install and installed onto your mobile.

Book & Pay Now
*Buy today with Klarna and pay interest free over 3 months £41.67 a month over 3 months. Total payable £125.01.
Weekend Install



2 x Xega Smart wifi Solar Security Camera,2K Super HD PTZ CCTV Camera Wireless Surveillance Camera, Colour Night Vision PIR Human Detection Two-way Audio, Full install externally and installed onto your mobile.

Book & Pay Now
*Buy today with Klarna and pay interest free over 3 months £83.34 a month over 3 months. Total payable £250.02.
Weekend Install

CCTV Camera Corner Bracket


Want to record on all 4 sides of your caravan? or only on two sides ? you will need either 1 or 2 of these brackets.
These will be installed with CCTV cameras.
Fixed with Stainless Steel Fixings ,br> in a position chosen by you

Wifi Smart Thermostats.

Fed up buying Gas every week in the winter?
Renters that leave heating on when they leave?

With our Smart Wifi Thermostats you can save upto 25% of your gas which would otherwise be wasted, Thats a saving of £20 per bottle!

Installs to all boilers old or new

Install takes less than a couple of hours

Installed to your phone so you can access it from anywhere.

Turn heating up before you turn up so you have a nice cosy caravan or lodge

  • Quick install to your boiler and phone
  • Turn on or off remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Keep track of your gas usage, turn off on day renters leave
  • Guaranteed to save you 25% of your gas bottle from being wasted or around £20 per bottle
  • Pay back in less than 6 months
  • Prices from £120 for basic Thermostat to £129 for Deluxe Black Glass model
  • Installation by qualified tradesmen with over 40 years experience and fully insured.

Why Caravans and Lodges should be protected.

According to leading insurer Direct Line, the average cost for damage caused by a burst water pipe is £7000, with the smallest of leaks quickly becoming an expensive issue to rectify. If you own or manage more than one Caravan or Lodge that experiences a leak, these costs could significantly mount up..

Why the Surestop Water Switch is the right choice.

Instant protection - stops the water supply with an easy flick of a switch.

Caravan Filters Group are Surestop Platinum Installers

No electrics are involved, it works purely on natural water pressure
Simply and quickly fitted in less than one hour
Easy to use, easy to access and lime scale resistant; it will not seize up unlike brass versions
Stopcock is made with safe to use glass-filled nylon, allowing connection to potable water supplies, WRAS Approved UK manufactured, with over 1 million units sold nationwide
Ideal for all Caravans and Lodges applications.


Your Surestop product when purchased through us comes with a 2 year guarantee as standard.

The standard guarantee for your Surestop product covers mechanical and material defects, but does not include labour charges.
Any Surestop that is found to be faulty after inspection by Surestop Ltd within our testing laboratory will be repaired or replaced free of charge providing it has been installed in accordance with the fitting and operating instructions.

This handy device is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It uses water pressure to make turning your water on and off as simple as flicking a light switch. No need to struggle with corroded taps; the Surestop Stopcock is made from glass-filled nylon that will not develop a build-up of limescale or rust. Switching the water off is as simple as pushing the thumb switch on the valve, and letting water pressure do the rest of the work.

You'll wonder why you never had it earlier.

Where the Surestop Stopcock truly shines however is when you install the Remote Switch as well. This device again works entirely on water pressure meaning it's perfectly safe to install in almost any location - but unlike your conventional stopcock controls needing to be placed on the pipework, this switch can be located up to 2 metres away from the Surestop Stopcock. This means it can be installed in a Sink cupboard, or even eye-level on a wall! All of these locations are easily accessible without needing much dexterity, and easily visible so that if the need to turn the water off does arise, this is as simple as turning off a light Switch.

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Don't forget to subscribe to our Filter Delivery Service.

We come round and fit your filter every 6 months or if you prefer to do it yourself we can post it to you free of charge.

  • Free Delivery or Install
  • Just £10 every 6 months

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