Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does your company do?

    Caravan Filters was set up by passionate caravanners to help others by supplying and installing various products from the following:

    • Water Filers
    • WiFi Thermostats
    • Security Locks
    • Replacement Key Fobs
    • Replacement Skirting
    • And much more...

  • Can I return the product after purchase?

    All our products are Guaranteed on both the product and installation where applicable, You can return the product for a full refund if its in an unused condition and in its undamaged packaging.

  • Once I've paid what do i do next?

    Once you've purchased your item, if it comes with the installation, then you need to book an installation. Just look at the top right of the website for the "Book an installation" button and book your date and time.

    Products which comes with installation are...

    • Water Filters & Cartridges
    • WiFi Thermostat
    • Security Locks
    • Sure Stop Switch
    • Decking Gate Locks

    The only thing we don't install is the UPVC Skirting

  • I want to take a Free Drinking water test, What do i do?

    If you have noticed your Drinking water tasting funny or you have excessive scale build up or you want peace of mind, just click on the "Free Test" on the top menu and you'll be able to book a Test via Email. If your water test is over 400 parts per million then you can take steps to bringing this down to a safer level.

    or you can use the two contact details below

    • 01255 772480
  • How often do i need to change my Water Filter Cartridge?

    Cartridges usually last for around 6 months or 6000 litres which ever comes first, Sometimes in areas with a high concentration of contaminates, chlorine, you may notice that the water is tasting different, thats a good sign that your cartridge needs replacing. Sign up to our 6 month subscription and you'll never have to worry about tasting bad water again. You can get your replacement cartridges in one of two ways

    • Delivered to your caravan and fitted
    • Delivered by Post to your Home address
  • Can I install the products myself?

    Our free installation service is purely to help Caravanners, you can by all means fit the products yourself if you wish so.

  • I don't have a PayPal Account, can I pay by Card?

    We use Paypal as we offer a Buyer Protection Guarantee, howevery we understand that not everyone uses PayPal so you can also chose to pay by Credit or Debit card.

    How to pay ?

    • Paypal
    • Cash
    • Credit Debit Cards
  • Why is it best to change your Caravan locks?

    Usually when you purchase your caravan the Locks are the original that came from the manufacturers, Usually the parks have their own Master key and could enter your Caravan without you knowing.

    Likewise indivialuals can purchase master keys online, so it would be best to change your locks. We use Yale High Security Locks with a 10 Year Guarantee .